Uday Public Charitable Trust

Uday went away suddenly. He was martyred while battling with terrorists in the notorious Rajouri sector of Kashmir. Alongside him lay his buddy, Ranjeet whose life Uday had died saving. In the end, both were martyred. And the battle continues today. Everyday, a soldier, an officer falls to the hands of death fighting a war that has no end. Countless lives have been  destroyed, families wrecked and broken.

So were we. All of a sudden, he had gone never to return. On November 29,2003, at 29 years, Uday had gone down the path he had chosen. No departure could be more befitting, no action more honourable.

As a small measure of our gratitude and love for these unsung heroes, we instituted the Uday Public Charitable Trust that sought to provide quality education to children of martyred soldiers, till they completed their basic education. It began with sponsoring three bright young girls with the support of our generous sponsors. Today, the count is upto 7. Most of these children are studying in Army Public School Dagshai, making the most of this opportunity. The eldest amongst them is to complete her Class XII this year. No amount of words can describe how it feels to watch these kids making their way in the world. Confident, radiant and happy kids.

But it’s not always smooth sailing. Times are tough and despite our best efforts, we have not been able to raise enough money to make the number substantial. Even today, the Trust only sponsors 7 children. But I am proud nevertheless to have come this far. Hope is not lost and destiny willing, we will chart new courses. Sometimes when things have looked hopeless, the angels have smiled down upon us and help has come our way. I am sure they look down even as I write, deciding what will come next.

More about Uday and the Trust: http://majorudaisingh.com


3 Responses to Uday Public Charitable Trust

  1. Kapil Anand says:

    Hi Namita

    I am also member of AIAAR. I came across this blog of yours. You are blessed from God. Your words have magic to change everyones’ life. I am really impressed and motivated the way you express the things. God Bless u.

    With Warm Regards

    Kapil Anand

  2. indira says:

    Hi namita have been thinking of getting in touch with you regarding this trust ,would like to contribute to this trust, is it a scholarship of fixed amount or any amount can be given ?. would be great if you

    can talk to me , I tried a few days back, it did not work.

  3. Sridhar says:

    Hi Namita, I had written to Mrs. Sudha Singh a couple of days back about contributing to the Trust. I am not sure if she checks her mail often, so I thought I would write to you as well. Can you please send me a mail with more details on the current status/activities of the Trust.

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