A matter of discovery

Sitting in the autorickshaw, with rain seeping in through every open corner, horns blaring in the background, impatient heads swinging angrily from side to side, sad faces, cursing and swearing.. Certainly not the most conducive setting for deep reflections, but there I was lost somewhere far away. Often I find, when the cacaphony of sounds reaches a crescendo, like in situations like these, my mind switches to a meditative state (do not attempt while driving. This state is enacted only be lucky ones traveling in public transport). Any countless number of times, I have walked in thick of traffic on Delhi roads to exercise my limbs and I do not find it the least bit disturbing.

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Soul curry

You are not honest when you say ” I have no direction in life anymore”. The truth is everywhere we turn and look, there is a direction

That we spend the greatest time and take the most pride in  accruing knowledge about everything in this world, but have little knowledge about ourselves.

That we often fail to recognise the difference between being alone and lonely

That there would be no great stories and no great achievements if we had no one to come back home and tell them to

That money is the root of all evil and sorrow is incorrect; the fear of rejection is

Strange isn’t it, that we spend a lifetime seeking the truth and when we are finally faced with it, we do not have the courage to face it

That we relate least when we are in a relationship


Just somethings I think..

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A direction is a direction

Prior to my latest avataar as a reflexologist, I was consulting with a firm on social media marketing. As part of my assignment, I was tasked with categorising Indian blogs based on focus of the blog, blogger interests..etc..etc.The idea was to create a comprehensive database of bloggers who could be approached by brands for their social media marketing needs.

Well, I spent countless hours reading all sorts of blogs. Blogs on technology, fashion, dating, Page 3, collegiate gossip, girly stuff, bikers, hobby writers, marketing blogs, advertising blogs, media and celebrity blogs. You name it and I had read it.  That we were in a hurry to generate a huge database did not help matters. Most of the blogs I scanned then seemed to be random, with no particular focus. Interests and profiles were sketchy, often leaving you to grope in the dark. After hours and hours of reading, we would often end up with only very few names to show for the day’s work. I was at a  loss trying to  understand why people wouldn’t sticking to writing about any one thing…

Some months later, I formally hung up my boots from the corporate world and began my practice of reflexology in full earnest. In between, I decided to start writing a blog. I had lost too much of my sanity and as the air began to clear, a part of me was ready to enter the world of blogging.

That was then and this is now..I have been blogging for some time now.  I write on a variety of subjects and issues close to my heart; sometimes very trivial stuff.  It is no suprise then that recently a well meaning, close friend and a very serious blogger counseled me  on finding some focus on my blogs. I wasn’t consistent or regular..It was personal…blah..blah…blah.

The truth is I am happy just to find expression. This little space, my virtual home has a reason for its existence. Its reason is me. With it, for the first time probably I have come from behind the veils and exposed the being within. From this little window, I connect to the world outside and share;  sometimes a smile, occasionally a tear. There is always someone here listening, someone with time. There are great stories to be narrated, many experiences to be told, everyone has something to contribute and together, we have undertaken fascinating journeys. Physical boundaries have ceased to exist when we gang up and take a dig; and new kinship is found when a worthy cause calls forward. Out here, I have forged many new friendships, discovered facets of existing ones. 

 There are no edit marks here, no one telling me, “It’s nice, but you can improve this”. Bullshit! No longer.

I write when I have something to share, something to say. It always cheers me up when someone reads and writes back. So Raj drops in a line to point out a spell error; Prashant oftens leaves a comment; Poonam pings me personally; Meenu is gracious with compliments for my pics; Geetika is annoyed when I write about things to personal and most of all complete strangers sometimes pen in and say, thank you…

Then, is there a need any further…

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Journey of body and mind

It is a fascinating journey that I have embarked on. There is constant change, perpetual movement that allows the mind to think anew each time. Of course, it wasn’t always like this and it has taken me a great deal of years to finally find a worthwhile path to tread on.

My tryst with it started three years ago. I was sitting in my first reflexology class, with my namesake Namita narrating facts about our bodies and minds. It made for an intriguing story, akin to good fiction. Every part, organ of the body is assigned a role and the interplay between various elements is what brings the story called ‘ life’ together. Mostly always, the mind plays a devious, cunning role, sometimes undoing all the good that the other bodily communities are doing. Continue reading

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Who is she…

She sat quietly in the background. It would be her time soon. By now she knew the routine.  Decades and decades had gone past, but for her nothing changed. As the morning sun began to fade, and the dance of  colors took over the sky; her time was approaching. Slowly, she began to dress. Continue reading

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The night we met-II

Enroute to Sumchum

Enroute to Sumchum


The Kishtwar Shivling looms in the background

The Kishtwar Shivling looms in the background


Ladies of the house in Sumchum

Ladies of the house in Sumchum


And the menfolk

And the menfolk



Under the star lit sky, we sat huddled and sang

Under the star lit sky, we sat huddled and sang

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The night we met

Gulabgarh was a hell hole after the sights we had greedily soaked in over the last one month. Over the last four days, we had crossed over from Zanskar into Kishtwar by the notorious Hagshu La. A two days halt had followed at Sumchum, followed by a two day walk to Gulabgarh.

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