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Weekend of bliss

The valley was awash in the warmth of afternoon sun. The scent of Deodar wafted in and tingled my nose. Long winding roads skirted along the forest for kilometers together. With barely any other motorable traffic on the road, it … Continue reading

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In Between

There are never no appropriate beginnings, but then no appropriate endings either! Somehow, the in betweens are always the best. I have been in between a whole lot lately. Missing from my blog, from work, from myself, from life..But these … Continue reading

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From 4 to 40

Ok, so that’s a slight exageration, but it went well with the title. Just got back two days ago from a trek to Kareri Dal lake with an eclectic mix of people. Unusually cold for this time of the year. At one … Continue reading

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Ode to love

A day that begins well, usually goes well. I started mine cycling around Central Delhi roads taking in the early morning chirps of birds, softly blowing wind and cool, comforting sun. And to come home to someone you love..Life is … Continue reading

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Indulging my soul

I can’t help it. Music does that to me. Perky music perks me up;  sad music makes me sad, soulful music can drive me insane. Earplugs are my best friend, often allowing me the luxury of switching off from my … Continue reading

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Blaze of glory

To every man upon this earth   Death cometh soon or late; And how can man die better   Than facing fearful odds For the ashes of his fathers   And the temples of his gods? Major Mohit Sharma and atleast four soldiers … Continue reading

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More kids…

I admit, I have a special soft spot for children..One look at their beaming faces, radiant with mischievous smiles and twinkling eyes and I believe God exists in each of us. Maybe my love for kids come from a desire … Continue reading

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