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Finding Nirvana

They say things often come to you when you aren’t looking..and after what happened with me I am beginning to belive there is some merit to that statement. I found Nirvana today..Its true..and in a coffee shop at that..Average height, … Continue reading

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A direction is a direction

Prior to my latest avataar as a reflexologist, I was consulting with a firm on social media marketing. As part of my assignment, I was tasked with categorising Indian blogs based on focus of the blog, blogger interests..etc..etc.The idea was to … Continue reading

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Who is she…

She sat quietly in the background. It would be her time soon. By now she knew the routine.  Decades and decades had gone past, but for her nothing changed. As the morning sun began to fade, and the dance of  … Continue reading

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Seeing it like I never saw it before

I was there all along. Walking the same paths, crossing the same bridges, conversing with the same people and yet….as I look it from the eyes of another companion, it seems unfamiliar. Faces creased by lines of wisdom and the harsh … Continue reading

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Where she really was

Her little fingers leave a sticky, brown impression on the glass. She continues to beat at the glass, looking not at me but looking right through me. Her attention is suddenly diverted. She can make out her blurred image in … Continue reading

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So far

The article was initially meant to be an update about my new reflexology batch, and then somewhere along I thought maybe I don’t have much to say about that just yet, so that was abandoned. Now i have no clue … Continue reading

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He is free

“Oh yes! Oh yes. That’s it”, he exclaimed as I went on harder on his feet.  Not the most obvious or the most popular reaction from someone getting reflexology done, while experiencing excruciating pain. I could not help but stop … Continue reading

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