My kind of Diwali

The sand feels cold to the foot, a good kind of cold. A slight breeze is carrying the woody scent of cedar to my head. It’s a cold night..colder than most others..I pull my fleece closer, but the wind still catches at my face. I should have packed in some more woolies but my enthusiasm and the rush of getting out of Delhi had got in my way. The water has a zen like quality to it, as it gently flows embracing the soft curves and rounds of colorful stones. The shadows are lengthening; the silhouettes more pronounced; the time for details is slowly fading away, only forms remain. It is fascinating the way everything transforms when light turns to darkness..something is lost and something gained in the transformation, a certain part of self identity is hidden and unknown attributes surface. Yet, yet, it takes place, time and time again.

I have lost track of time here. It may have been hours, or even minutes since I sat. It doesn’t matter. Far from gadgets and gizmos, electricity and connectivity, it only now which is of consequence. In the far distance I can hear voices, people laughing, possibly sitting together enjoying a meal or perhaps at this hour, a drink. I am mostly alone,with only the cosmic galaxy for company. The night sky is resplendent with light, maybe even the heavens are celebrating Diwali. On a clear night like this, every constellation has a tale to tell and as the hours wear on, a different constellation takes the spotlight and narrates.

The skies above and the sand below, what other magic do these nights in the intimacy of nature hold..where everything is real, in an almost ethereal way, where everything but the heart is still, when music beats out of silence and a sensuous dance of elements is constantly on display, here where one can be alone but never lonely, where nothing is out of sync, where being nothing means something..Everything is here, everything is now..Life, me..its all now…and when its time to go, this is where I want to be..where for once I breathe.


About Namita

A melange of colors, just like the rainbow. Sometimes, as bright as the yellow sun, brimming with energy. Then driven by the passion of red to pursue my dreams. Calm like the clear blue skies and playful like streaks of violets. I am a collection of stories, each different and yet the same. I am simple in my complexities and something in my nothingness. For my bread and butter, I am a reflexologist – a profession which is more than just a job, it is my passion. When I am not busy in conversation with the feet, I potter around with my camera lens, indulge in good music and snuggle in with my books. And when my energies begin running low, nothing perks me more than traveling to unknown places, meeting all sorts of people and exchanging tall stories. I am a founding trustee of the Uday Public Charitable Trust that hopes to provide the gift of education to children of martyred soldiers and also other deserving children. It is a cause close to my heart. My gypsy heart cannot sit still and I must always move, explore…The mountains call out ever so often and I am off with my backpack. Trek, trek, trek…I want to push my limits always..rediscover my fears and move forward with my strengths. i love myself and my life, I must be god’s favorite child . With much to do and much to see, i am on the brink of another journey, always.
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