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A matter of discovery

Sitting in the autorickshaw, with rain seeping in through every open corner, horns blaring in the background, impatient heads swinging angrily from side to side, sad faces, cursing and swearing.. Certainly not the most conducive setting for deep reflections, but there … Continue reading

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Soul curry

You are not honest when you say ” I have no direction in life anymore”. The truth is everywhere we turn and look, there is a direction That we spend the greatest time and take the most pride in  accruing … Continue reading

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A direction is a direction

Prior to my latest avataar as a reflexologist, I was consulting with a firm on social media marketing. As part of my assignment, I was tasked with categorising Indian blogs based on focus of the blog, blogger interests..etc..etc.The idea was to … Continue reading

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Journey of body and mind

It is a fascinating journey that I have embarked on. There is constant change, perpetual movement that allows the mind to think anew each time. Of course, it wasn’t always like this and it has taken me a great deal of … Continue reading

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Who is she…

She sat quietly in the background. It would be her time soon. By now she knew the routine.  Decades and decades had gone past, but for her nothing changed. As the morning sun began to fade, and the dance of  … Continue reading

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The night we met-II


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The night we met

Gulabgarh was a hell hole after the sights we had greedily soaked in over the last one month. Over the last four days, we had crossed over from Zanskar into Kishtwar by the notorious Hagshu La. A two days halt … Continue reading

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