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Fluffy egg whites

Almost all recipes state ” Beat egg whites till stiff and fluffy….Light as air”. It is perhaps, amongst the most crucial steps if you want to get picture perfect desserts…But i am on a different trip, prefering to experiment with … Continue reading

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Light n shadow

I confess. I am obsessed with the color black. The frame for pics must be black, I look my personal best in black ( or so at least i think), backdrops are good black, cars look best in black, black cutlery … Continue reading

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In Between

There are never no appropriate beginnings, but then no appropriate endings either! Somehow, the in betweens are always the best. I have been in between a whole lot lately. Missing from my blog, from work, from myself, from life..But these … Continue reading

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If  something is to be said, I must say it today, for tomorrow they may not be there to listen If something needs to be done, it needs doing today, for there may be no need for it tomorrow If … Continue reading

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