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Ode to love

A day that begins well, usually goes well. I started mine cycling around Central Delhi roads taking in the early morning chirps of birds, softly blowing wind and cool, comforting sun. And to come home to someone you love..Life is … Continue reading

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Current project

To find the ‘rest ‘ within the restlessness pause between breaths silence between notes of music love amidst anger and resentment comfort and joy despite of sorrow invisible amidst the visible life between days of survival dreams amidst my reality … Continue reading

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Brain dead and yet alive

Life is ironical sometimes. On a day, when everything else in my life seems like it will never be the same again, that this is the end of a long line and I can no longer continue to walk parallel … Continue reading

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Kindly leave Battle outside the door

Working the feet is my profession. Often, in people’s  description of the problem, I find a common companion – ” Battle”. Most people would bring it in, one way or the other, like – I have been battling this cold … Continue reading

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To heaven and back – Part II

We set off again after devouring lunch. I had surely over eaten. It always happens to me up in the mountains. In the city, I can barely ever find my appetite but take me higher and the tummy begins to … Continue reading

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To heaven and back – Part I

If you saw me now, I would remind you of the Christmas jingle ” Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer…”. A sun burnt nose, a black and white forehead, thoroughly chapped lips and swollen legs, one would think I returned after … Continue reading

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Where she really was

Her little fingers leave a sticky, brown impression on the glass. She continues to beat at the glass, looking not at me but looking right through me. Her attention is suddenly diverted. She can make out her blurred image in … Continue reading

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