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Indulging my soul

I can’t help it. Music does that to me. Perky music perks me up;  sad music makes me sad, soulful music can drive me insane. Earplugs are my best friend, often allowing me the luxury of switching off from my … Continue reading

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Home Remedy – Diarrhoea

Wet grind a teaspoon of Khus-khus with water. Keep aside. Prepare rice in an open vessel with lots of water. When cooked, drain the extra water. Wash the rice one more time with water and let it cool. Eat this … Continue reading

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Blaze of glory

To every man upon this earth   Death cometh soon or late; And how can man die better   Than facing fearful odds For the ashes of his fathers   And the temples of his gods? Major Mohit Sharma and atleast four soldiers … Continue reading

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This is what it is

She often dialed his number, but his phone was always switched off She sent him letters and mails, he never responded She diligently placed place two mugs for tea in the morning, but one was always left cold She longed … Continue reading

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So far

The article was initially meant to be an update about my new reflexology batch, and then somewhere along I thought maybe I don’t have much to say about that just yet, so that was abandoned. Now i have no clue … Continue reading

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I am at the core

It seems to the time of year when imbalances are at peak. Many people I know are suffering from some form of illness, either minor or major. Then, Holi in between also played its part. Change in season has a … Continue reading

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Its been a long gap since I last wrote anything, but nothing interesting seems to be happening. Well actually that’s not all true, I have had a pretty hectic and filled week, but exciting, ummm, not really. And to top … Continue reading

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