Run Lolla run

5:30 am: Sound check…public addressal system..all go!! The chaos finds its way into my bedroom. Am I dreaming, I shut my eyes tighter but their it is again ” Sound check 1..2…3.” MARATHON Prepartions.

Over the last two days, Chankyapuri has been abuzz with action. Satellite dishes, stalls, barricades, umbrellas, fancy stages etc – almost like a mini city mushrooming out here.

7 am: THE MC is at it, welcoming and cheering the crowd. I can hear him loud and clear in the living room. By now I am fully awake with a steaming mug of tea, attempting for the nth time to edit the book. At this pace, I am not sure the book can be published in another century! Just as the action begins, I walk out of home and onto the main street to catch a glimpseand cheer the crowd. Men, women, kids, the infirm – everyone is here. many of my friends are participating, though its impossible to make out in the crowd. People in shorts and people in sarees; people in slippers, joggers or simply sandals;kids in avatars of Krishna, Hanuman and Ganesha toddle by, happy with all the attention; yellow caps and red, waving their banners run past enthusiastically. Semi clad young girls, visibly uncomfortable in the cold, dance on the ‘Idea’ stage, in an effort to cheer. Needless to say, it was a crowd puller. In my opinion, in cheap taste!

Barring these little distractions, I love the scenario. People from all walks of life, strangers actually runnning together, smiling, laughing – raising money for strangers they know nothing of. For once, we trust. Everyone is running, without fear and apprehension. We seem boundless in the collective energy. Even a bystander like myself was infected with the energy. It would be so splendid if we could live in this space everyday. Live with trust and without fear. We were not just a city, we were a force that had enough in it to change the world. I know, idealism, but then I am sure its out there somewhere and sparks like these are only just triggers.

A toast to all those who participated. It made my day. 🙂

P.S: Was it just me. Till now, I had caught all the adverts on the idiot box..always thinking it was Vodafone. Realised only a day before that lo and behold, it was the Airtel Delhi half marathon. Oops


About Namita

A melange of colors, just like the rainbow. Sometimes, as bright as the yellow sun, brimming with energy. Then driven by the passion of red to pursue my dreams. Calm like the clear blue skies and playful like streaks of violets. I am a collection of stories, each different and yet the same. I am simple in my complexities and something in my nothingness. For my bread and butter, I am a reflexologist – a profession which is more than just a job, it is my passion. When I am not busy in conversation with the feet, I potter around with my camera lens, indulge in good music and snuggle in with my books. And when my energies begin running low, nothing perks me more than traveling to unknown places, meeting all sorts of people and exchanging tall stories. I am a founding trustee of the Uday Public Charitable Trust that hopes to provide the gift of education to children of martyred soldiers and also other deserving children. It is a cause close to my heart. My gypsy heart cannot sit still and I must always move, explore…The mountains call out ever so often and I am off with my backpack. Trek, trek, trek…I want to push my limits always..rediscover my fears and move forward with my strengths. i love myself and my life, I must be god’s favorite child . With much to do and much to see, i am on the brink of another journey, always.
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