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Arithritis and gas

She came to me with a complaint of painful knees. She has been diagnosed with Arthritis. We have done 8 sessions so far, with an alternate day cycle. The first time I did her feet, she cleared her bowels five … Continue reading

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So far along

I have been consistently inconsistent with my writing this month. Though I did a whole lot of it in my mind. With so much happening, there was so much to write about – but alas! no time whatsoever. I am … Continue reading

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Three Cups of Tea – Sip along!

Books are my best friends. Mum and dad got us reading really early in life. Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Asterix, Tintin, Archies, Famous Five were my childhood companions, among many others. Most of the world I imagined was through the … Continue reading

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We seem to be making good progress. On the verge of finalising a small temporary space for hosting workshops, courses and doing feet. If all goes well, we should have an introductory workshop to reflexology coming up soon. After this, … Continue reading

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The people of Dhauladhar

After spending a entire day shepherding the sheep on green pastures, he returns home. He knows these paths, having walked over them for years now. Sometimes, he wonders if anything will change, if anything will be different?

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Case study – Aplastic Anaemia

A few days ago, a mutual friend informed me of Rajiv’s (name changed on request) steady recovery. His hb was 9.6, the highest in five months. The medicines, injections and multiple bone marrow biopsies have begun to take effect. I … Continue reading

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Those mountain paths

Somethings are better done in solitude, like writing. I am one of those fussy people who can only write when all other environmental conditions have been met – no noise, no other people to distract me, no chores to finish….And … Continue reading

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