Waiting to happen

A 71 year old came for a session today. I had met while the two were waiting to see our homeopathic doctor in RK Puram. The doctor was late and we got talking, she mentioned that she had been suffering from a pain in her shoulder. To her, it felt like an impinged nerve. I told her I am a reflexologist and with her permission,  worked some points along the shoulder line for less than ten minutes. The doctor arrived, I went in and that concluded our conversation. When I came out, she asked me for my number and that ended our first meeting.

Last Friday, she called for an appointment and arrived promptly at 1030 today for her session. She met with a major accident 12 years ago, followed by osteoporosis, and was recently diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. As I worked her feet, she told me that two days before our last meeting, she was having this one to one dialogue with god, asking him how long she would have to bear with the pain. She went on to say, that the sense she got from that conversation was something telling her to try pressure points. We met thereafter. To her, it seemed like a pre-designed meeting :).

I had almost not gone that evening  to the homeopath, with many things pending at home. Satya had coerced me to go. I too, was destined to be there when I was.

Nothing in life is a coincidence, I believe. I had been detailed to be there as much as the doctor was destined to be late, so that we could talk. It makes me think that we really have no cause for worry. Someone out there is doing all the thinking and facilitating connections. He only wants us to concentrate on doing our best, he will pave the path.

We were waiting for each other to happen. All of us are waiting to happen to someone else, similarly. No is alone. A cosmic energy binds us together and in subtle ways, we all have a role to play in each other’s lives. Its no short of miracle that when you reach out with an open heart, a hand grasps yours and takes you along. And so, universal energy is born and nourished and the cycle is complete.

As a reflexologist, it  made me feel so good about doing what I was doing.  This is my dharma. All the while I had worked in many professions, this magic had been missing. Everyone was dispensable and I often questioned if what I was doing had any positive effect on others and myself.

The best moments of life are like these, they happen unexpectedly and leave you smiling. We just need to be and open the soul to possibilities.


About Namita

A melange of colors, just like the rainbow. Sometimes, as bright as the yellow sun, brimming with energy. Then driven by the passion of red to pursue my dreams. Calm like the clear blue skies and playful like streaks of violets. I am a collection of stories, each different and yet the same. I am simple in my complexities and something in my nothingness. For my bread and butter, I am a reflexologist – a profession which is more than just a job, it is my passion. When I am not busy in conversation with the feet, I potter around with my camera lens, indulge in good music and snuggle in with my books. And when my energies begin running low, nothing perks me more than traveling to unknown places, meeting all sorts of people and exchanging tall stories. I am a founding trustee of the Uday Public Charitable Trust that hopes to provide the gift of education to children of martyred soldiers and also other deserving children. It is a cause close to my heart. My gypsy heart cannot sit still and I must always move, explore…The mountains call out ever so often and I am off with my backpack. Trek, trek, trek…I want to push my limits always..rediscover my fears and move forward with my strengths. i love myself and my life, I must be god’s favorite child . With much to do and much to see, i am on the brink of another journey, always.
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