The Invisible people I owe my life to

They were two of them. The boys. Their eyes never left their targets. After all, even a moment’s distraction could possibly have been the evening’s meal. There are always those generous people of this city who buy a burger from McDonalds and throw it away half eaten. Then there are small toys to be had. The competition was tough and every bottle meant some money. Rotten flowers, torn newspapers, deflated balloons, food, those leaf bowls for prasads, plastics and polythene – all told a story. Strange colored wires hanging from the mouth of the bin….an oddity..They ran to the beat constable on duty, alerted him to what they saw and before they realised, their means of livelihood had been surrounded by men resembling a species from outer space. Th periphery was immediately evacuated and deft fingers worked against time to diffuse the clock ticking away with the wires. It was a powerful bomb, capable of killing 200 people in a single blast. Curious  onlookers watched with fear and excitement as the bomb was contained and the threat was over.

All thanks to the boys – they were rag pickers. The dustbins were thier means of livelihood and they kept a vigil on our waste. I was not their that evening, but it could have been me, or my friends and family. it could have been my neighbour or even a stranger I did not know, but we are all connected.

Thank you for saving our lives. Thank you for keeping a watch even when most often you go unnoticed. Thank you that despite being ill treated and often beaten and abused at the hands of the law, you came forward and became the hands of the law. And even though, there isn’t much I can do for you or the countless others like you who are living on the streets of Delhi, without shelter and food, I want you to know I am in debt. I know it doesn’t count for much when politicians call for meetings and make committees while the struggle of life continues for you every day; and we go back to our lives of comfort. I wish someday I can do something.


About Namita

A melange of colors, just like the rainbow. Sometimes, as bright as the yellow sun, brimming with energy. Then driven by the passion of red to pursue my dreams. Calm like the clear blue skies and playful like streaks of violets. I am a collection of stories, each different and yet the same. I am simple in my complexities and something in my nothingness. For my bread and butter, I am a reflexologist – a profession which is more than just a job, it is my passion. When I am not busy in conversation with the feet, I potter around with my camera lens, indulge in good music and snuggle in with my books. And when my energies begin running low, nothing perks me more than traveling to unknown places, meeting all sorts of people and exchanging tall stories. I am a founding trustee of the Uday Public Charitable Trust that hopes to provide the gift of education to children of martyred soldiers and also other deserving children. It is a cause close to my heart. My gypsy heart cannot sit still and I must always move, explore…The mountains call out ever so often and I am off with my backpack. Trek, trek, trek…I want to push my limits always..rediscover my fears and move forward with my strengths. i love myself and my life, I must be god’s favorite child . With much to do and much to see, i am on the brink of another journey, always.
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